IPApproach provides the following Patent Analytic Services:


Novelty/Patentability Search

The first step is to determine whether your invention meets the standards of novelty, usefulness and non-obviousness, which are required for successfully obtaining a patent. The search is focused to find references from granted patents, patent applications, non-patent literature, scientific journals, research papers etc. It identifies prior art references, to help determine the scope of patent claims.  Before filing your patent, the novelty search would enable you to determine “if your invention is novel or not”.

Novelty/Patentability Search $1200 per invention 4 - 5 working days

Invalidity / Prior Art Searches

The Invalidity Report provides invalidity assessments of the patent covering all independent and dependent claims. We review the patent prosecution histories to identify the prior art cited during prosecution, confirm such cited prior art indeed teaches the respective limitation, and then focus further searching on limitations that were not found during prosecution.

The report provides the following categories of identified references:

Relevant references: References which explicitly disclose all the claim elements of at least one independent claim.

Closely related referencesReferences which explicitly disclose many claim elements of independent/dependent claims, which have the same field of invention as the subject patent.

Peripheral/Additional references: References which discuss similar technology and may be of potential support for obviousness of the invention.

Invalidate only 1 (one) Independent Claim - $1000
Invalidate all Independent Claims - $1500
Invalidate all Independent and all Dependent Claims - $2250

Turnaround time for the above is 5 – 7 working days.

Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search

To determine if your inventions/products are not infringing valid IP rights of others. Freedom to Operate is often an early step prior to a marketing commercialization of a new product. Essentially, the FTO search would enable you to determine “if you might come in contact (infringe?) with certain patents and companies and in what territories”.  The FTO search report is in MS-Excel and lists the following: Key Features, Relevant Blocking References, Family Members, Detailed Mapping Of Relevant References, Legal Status analysis of these references etc.   To begin the project we require precise details of your products or inventions. FTO Search options:

(Covering SINGLE Jurisdiction)
$1500 per search 6 working Days
(Covering 1 - 3 Jurisdictions)
$2250 per search 6 - 8 working Days
(Covering 3 - 5 Jurisdictions)
$3000 per search 8 - 10 working Days
(Covering All / Worldwide jurisdictions)
$4500 per search 10 - 12 working Days

Patent Landscape Study

Patent data is searched, sorted, filtered and analyzed to put it into context. This context forms the basis for the patent landscape report. It provides a competitive assessment for other companies’ patent portfolio’s given the specific technology area. It provides the following:

  • Understand the Patents related to the products and technologies important to your enterprise’s present and future.
  • Identify key technology players and their relative Patent strengths.
  • Understand your competitors patent activities, their patent holdings and trends.
  • Tracking the evolution of a landscape relative to active IP development and/or R&D.
  • 3D landscape maps, provide an understanding and a conceptualization of the patents in terms of their “technology category.”  The map shows the depth and volume of patents in particular areas.
Patent Landscape $6000 15 - 20 working days

Patent Analytics Features


Our Patent Analytics team has access to over 180+ patent experts with varied technical expertise in domains such as Electronics, Routing Protocols, Internet Protocols, Network Communication Architectures, Network Infrastructure, Ethernet, LAN, WAN, VPN 3GPP, UMTS, WCDMA, Routing/Switching and Applications, Programming Languages, Wearable Computers, Robotics, Consumer Products, Electrical Engineering, Semiconductors, Electrical Circuitry, Computer Software and Applications, IC, Wearable Computers, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Automobiles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Engines, Oil and Gas Exploration & Refining, Consumer Products, Biotechnology, DNA sequencing, antibody design, Genetic engineering, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Metallurgy, Healthcare Solutions and related technology domains.

Utilized Sources

We formulate our search strategies utilizing sophisticated paid patent databases such as Thomson Innovation, Total Patent, Acclaim, and Orbit databases which provide coverages representing 120+ patent authorities. In addition, we use specific PTO databases such as ESPACENET, USPTO, PATENTSCOPE(WIPO), DPMA (German patent database), JPO PAJ (Japanese patent database), KIPRIS (Korean Patent database), SIPO (Chinese patent database) etc, to cover specific countries.

Proprietary Web Crawler & Non-Patent Library

A key differentiator is our in-house developed online web crawler which fetches documents from various sources not listed on generic free web search engines. The crawler identifies and provides non-patent literatures of relevance. This is coupled with our in-house developed non-patent library which gathers and houses information from various university journals.


Priced above.  Actual reports can be customized per your specific requirements.
Volume discounted fees are available upon request.



The information in these reports is provided solely for assisting in the independent evaluation of the patent portfolio and intellectual property (IP). The report shall not constitute or be interpreted as legal, business or economic advice, regarding the scope of the patent portfolio and IP value. Any discussion of the use or potential use of the patent portfolio or IP is for illustrative purposes only.  In making a decision regarding this portfolio, the reader must rely on their own examination and evaluation of the patent portfolio and IP, including the merits and risks involved. No representation or warranties regarding the patent portfolios and IP are provided or implied. This report and any other documents or information provided by TransactionsIP related to the patent portfolios and IP are intended for use by the receiving party solely for its use in determining their next steps. In no event shall TransactionsIP be liable for any incidental, consequential, or special damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever associated with this report.