"Rotary SIM Tray Holder and STEM Ejectable SIM Tray Holder Assembly"

IPApproach LLC is pleased to present the exclusive patents for sale “ROTARY SIM TRAY HOLDER AND STEM EJECTABLE SIM TRAY HOLDER ASSEMBLY” which includes U.S. Patents US 10078797 B1 and US 9886654 B1 assigned to Almora LLC. The IP relates to tray holders that hold SIM or MMC cards and ejectable component assembly that allows insertion as well as ejection of SIM or MMC cards which can be used in electronic devices such as smartphone, tablet, etc.

The technology disclosed provides the following advantages,

  • Stem ejectable component assembly allows insertion and ejection of tray holder without using pin or needle.
  • Tray holders provide convenience of putting one or more SIM or MMC cards within a device, or removing them without comprising to open the device cover.
  • Tray holder is configured to hold the SIM cards in active positions or standby positions so that the SIM cards may not have to be removed or inserted in the tray holder to change.
  • The handle grabber is configured to allow rotation of the tray holder to enable insertion of the rotary tray holder in an electronic device with any of two opposing faces of the tray holder oriented in a desired direction.

The target price for this portfolio is $200,000.

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