“SPECIAL-ID is the Complete, Universal, and Secure Identity Card”

IPApproach LLC is pleased to present the exclusive Patented Technology and Know How for License  “SPECIAL-ID is the Complete, Universal, and Secure Identity Card” which includes U.S. granted patent  7,137,553 B2, US 7,344,068 B2 & US 7,762,456 B2 assigned to Digital Data Research Co.

SPECIAL-ID is the complete, universal, and secure identity card to verify individual information via passive optically read barcode that compresses and encrypts personal information, eliminating chips in many applications, which provides exceptional data security and scalability utilizing an individual’s specific biometrics for personal identity verification (PIV). The Patents and Technology Know how is owned by DDRCo.

An individual’s full AFIS compatible thumb and/or fingerprint (iris scanning is also available) is taken, digitized, and embedded in the barcode which can be printed directly on an access control card, ticket, identity card or any other document allowing personal one to one biometric match for verification and guaranteeing that the bearer is the same one authorized to use it.

The fingerprint does NOT have to be located in a central database. Verification is accomplished with a PDF417 barcode optical scanner, a fingerprint scanner, a laptop or desktop computer or a dedicated lock and access control system. The individual exposes the card/document to an optical scanner and touches the fingerprint scanner. The computer collects the information, compares it and grants access or notifies security personnel of a failure. A time date stamp database of all identifications and pass/fail activities is transferable to central storage and analysis locations.

The SPECIAL-ID advantages are: low cost; rapid deployment, mature technology; use of conventional hardware; minimal personal intrusion and guaranteeing that the questioned individual is actually authorized.

Each SPECIAL-ID has a unique encrypted alphanumeric identifier issued to the software at the time of activation which is embedded in each barcode created by the system. The operator making the SPECIAL-ID must submit their own fingerprint and an encrypted identifier unique to that operator is embedded in that barcode. SPECIAL-ID literally fingerprints the hardware of the computer in which it is installed, and the software can NOT be copied and installed on another computer. Graphic images of fingerprints collected by SPECIAL-ID and the time of creation are stored by the issuing computer. Records of all scans may be transferred to a central database and are sortable by region, state, company or agency, individuals name and date/time.

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