• Non-Core Patents & Core Patents with a Grant Back
  • Generate Cash and Save Maintenance Fees
  • Critical Success Factors
    • Patent Evaluation – Understand What You Have
    • Evidence of Use – Know Who Uses It
    • Market Valuation

Selling Patents

  • Process Starts with a Technical and Market Evaluation
  • Determine Patent Valuation and Salability
  • Investigate Targeted Devices that Use the technology – Develop Evidence of Use
  • Identify Potential Buyers / Licensees For Acquiring the Patents
  • Develop Brokerage Marketing Package
  • Execute Marketing Campaign to All Prospects
  • Negotiate and Close Deal
Partnership Image
  • Experienced Broker Facilitates Trust Between Parties
    • Fee and Success Structure Brokerage Agreement
  • IPApproach has Unique Relationships with Many Potential Buyers & Industry Participants